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Two free Valentine emergent readers to help kids practice their new reading skills.

These free printable Valentine emergent readers are perfect for the beginner reader who is learning how to read short stories on their own.

Do you have a kid in Kindergarten who is learning how to read?  My son is thriving as an emergent reader and wants to read everything in sight.

Words on billboard as we pass in the car?  He tries to read it.  Captions on a TV series?  He wants to read it.

That means we are constantly being asked, “What does _____ spell?” if he can’t read a word he sees.

He’s continually reading anything and everything.

We currently use The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts for Kindergarten, which comes with their own set of readers.

We also own many boxes of Bob books that we have been using to supplement our Kindergarten homeschool curriculum.

I highly recommend both The Good and the Beautiful and Bob Books if you are teaching a child how to read.

I have been pleasantly surprised at just how quickly my son was able to start reading using these programs.


Here are a few extra things to help you get started with homeschooling:

Grab our free printable homeschool schedule to plan your school day.

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Valentine Emergent Readers

I love creating my own emergent readers for my son to use in our homeschool.  I can create mini books based on the upcoming season or holiday, or even based on his interests such as dinosaurs, soccer, The Flash, or Paw Patrol.

Emergent readers are a great way for Kindergartners to practice their reading without getting too overwhelmed by longer and more complex books.

valentine emergent readers


Today, we have two free printable Valentine’s Day mini books that you can print out at home.  The two books are titled “My Book of Love” and “On Valentine’s Day.”

How to use the free Valentine’s Day mini books for Kindergarten

Grab the free printable Valentine books and print them out at home (cardstock might last longer than printer paper).

Each of these books comes on the traditional printer paper size of 8.5 x 11 inches and is in PDF format.

Each book has four pages.  Each sheet of paper will have two pages of the story.

Cut each sheet of paper down the middle horizontally on the dotted lines.

When you are done cutting out the pieces, place your book pages in order by number.

Each of the Valentine’s Day books will have eight pages in total.

Once you have the pages in order, you can either staple or hole punch them on the left side.

If you hole punch them, you can add some twine or colorful Valentine’s Day themed ribbon to tie them together.


This is what the first page of each Valentine mini book looks like:


valentines day emergent reader



valentine emergent reader for kids


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valentine emergent readers


Grab your free copies of our Valentine emergent readers.


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