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Magic Tree House Lesson Plans: 12 Resources to Use

We have found the best Magic Tree House lesson plans available on the web!

Are your kids fans of the Magic Tree House book series?  We love them in our house!

The Magic Tree House books are written by author Mary Pope Osborne and illustrated by Salvatore Murdocca.

The Magic Tree House books are a series that follow two siblings’, Jack and Annie, who discover a tree house that is filled with books.  Each book is about a different time period and place, for example the time of the dinosaurs in the first book, Dinosaurs After Dark.

When Jack and Annie point to a picture in one of these books, the tree house transports them to the setting inside that book.

Each book focuses on a different place that they travel to, and the adventures that take place while they are there.

My oldest son started reading these books in Gifted in Kindergarten back when he was still in public school.  Even though he is now in middle school and has grown out of them; we have started reading the series out loud to my youngest son, who is five years old.

What age is appropriate for Magic Tree House books?

Magic Tree House books are great to read aloud to preschool-age students.  They are geared towards students who are in elementary school and can read independently.  They are short chapter books for beginner readers.

Are magic tree house books scary?

No!  The books are written for children and are not scary.  They are stories that focus on the genres of mystery and fantasy.

How many Magic Tree House books are there?

There are four different series of Magic Tree House books currently available:

The first original set of Magic Tree House books contain 35 books.
They also have a set of non-fiction books that are called The Magic Tree House Fact Trackers (formerly called Magic Tree House Research Guides).  There are 43 of these books.
There is one Magic Tree House Super Edition book available.
There are also a set of books called the Magic Tree House Merlin Missions Series.  There are 27 of these books currently available.  They are geared towards more advanced readers.

Do you have to read the Magic Tree House books in order?

No!  In fact, my oldest son would skip around and read them in order of his interest in the topic of the book.  A few of the books do have missions that continue on to an additional book.


magic tree house books for elementary school


Did you know that there are a wide variety of free resources online to use as a supplement to the Magic Tree House books?

Incorporating the Magic Tree House books into your curriculum is a great way to work on reading, writing, and reading comprehension.

We have found the best Magic Tree House lesson plans and worksheets that are available to use with this series.

If you don’t have this book series; grab a copy of the book set from Amazon.  These short chapter books also contain detailed pictures that are a perfect fit for elementary-age students.


Order the full book series:


Order the first four books:


Magic Tree House Lesson Plans and Worksheets


Magic Tree House Official Website

This website includes an interactive mission game and passport game for kids, as well as sections for both parents and teachers.

Each book has a teacher’s guide, as well as games and activities that correlate with the book, such as crossword puzzles, matching games, word searches, and more.

Children can also join the Magic Tree House Kids’ Adventure Club where they can collect rewards for reading their books.

Visit MTH Official Website.


Magic Tree House Classroom Adventures

This website from the author, Mary Pope Osborne, contains lesson plans that are aligned with Common Core standards.  They also have worksheets with questions based on reading comprehension, math, science, geography, etc.

The website also has laid out activities and projects you can do with each book, as well as resources to learn more about the places your child reads about.

I highly recommend this website for any parent/teacher using these books in their curriculum!

Visit the Magic Tree House Classroom Adventures.


Rise to Reading

This website has reading comprehension questions for each chapter of the books, as well as an answer key for the instructor.  They also have a vocabulary list, as well as writing prompts for each chapter of every Magic Tree House book.

Visit Rise to Reading.


magic tree house lesson plans and worksheets

Magic Tree House Lesson Plans and Curriculum Guides

Over at Living Loving Learning as We Go, they have some of the best lesson plans prepared for you!

Each book available has a set of supplies that will be needed, along with an outline day by day of what chapter to read and activities to do with that chapter.

With journal ideas, lapbooks, crafts, and more, this is one of our favorite places to prepare our lesson plans for Magic Tree House books.

Visit Living Loving Learning as We Go


Magic Tree House Quizzes

These websites have a plethora of resources for education.  For the Magic Tree House series in particular, they have quizzes for some of the books that you can use to assess your student’s reading comprehension.

Check out quizzes for MTH at Soft Schools

Check out quizzes for MTH at Fun Trivia


Magic Tree House Map

Rainy Day Mum has a free printable map that you can grab to use while reading the Magic Tree House books.

As you read each story and travel with Jack and Annie, your child can mark the map of where they are headed.  This is a great activity for them to follow along with the characters in the book and see all the places around the world they have visited.

Find the map here.


Magic Tree House Craft

We love finding new things to create over at 30 Minute Crafts.  We were so excited to learn that they have an easy craft to create to incorporate in our Magic Tree House curriculum.

Using cardstock, you can create your own 3d Magic Tree House that resembles the tree house in the books.  This craft is great for all ages and easy to make!

Learn how to make a Magic Tree House.


Games and Puzzles from the Tree House

Grab the Magic Tree House official game and puzzle book to keep your kids engaged and interested in the stories.  They have crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, and more Magic Tree House activity pages for your child to do.


Magic Tree House Amazing Activity Book: Two Magic Tree House Puzzle Books in One

Another Magic Tree House puzzle and game book from the authors.  A great addition to supplement your Magic Tree House books to keep the excitement going and let them learn through play.

Grab the Magic Tree House Activity Book.


Magic Tree House Fact Trackers to go along with book series

Did you know that there are fact tracker books to accompany the official book series?

The above is an example of the fact tracker book that goes along with Dinosaurs After Dark, the first Magic Tree House book.

My five year old loves dinos and was so excited to get this book!  Grab your own fact tracker book to go along with the book you are currently reading.

These books are a set of non-fiction stories about the different topics that the readers learn about in the books.  They go into more detail so that the reader can learn more about the things that interest them.


Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is one of my favorite resources to find Magic Tree House lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes, reading comprehension quizzes, games, and activities.

This marketplace contains lesson plans made by other teachers.  Some of the resources are free and some are paid.  I regularly use Teachers Pay Teachers to supplement my children’s curriculum and highly recommend it!

Find free and paid resources at TPT.


My kids love the Magic Tree House series, and by using worksheets, lesson plans, and other activities, you can incorporate these beloved stories in your homeschool curriculum.


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Do you have Magic Tree House lesson plans or activities that we missed?  Leave a comment below!


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