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These are our 4th grade homeschool curriculum choices!

The summer is over and the school books are coming back out.  We have picked our 4th grade homeschool curriculum and are ready for a new school year.

This is our third year homeschooling and we are loving it so far!  I feel so blessed that I am able to stay at home with my kids, and be in charge of their education.

It can also be slightly intimidating to pick the right curriculum that will not only keep your student on pace with public school students, but also fit their learning style.

These are our picks for my son’s 4th grade homeschool curriculum!

Most of these are new to us, so feel free to leave me a comment if you have used them before! Let me know what you think of our choices!

Here are a few extra things to help you get started with homeschooling:

Grab our free printable homeschool schedule to plan your school day.

Do your back-to-school shopping with our Homeschool must-have shopping list.

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Our 4th grade homeschool curriculum choices:


4th grade Language Arts curriculum

All About Spelling Level 4
All About Reading Level 4

We are trying out the All About Spelling and Reading series this year. We heard they are a great series to use together so we are going to give it a shot.

So far, we are liking the ease of it.  I will report back about it at the end of the school year.


Easy Grammar 4 – Teacher Edition

We used Easy Grammar last year and loved it. It teaches the topics easily (as the name implies) and gets the point across to my son effectively.  So I knew I would definitely want to pick it again as one of our 4th grade homeschool curriculum choices.

We only order the Teacher’s Edition and do not have to purchase the Student’s version. In the Teacher Edition, the left side has the work and the right side has the answers. It can be photocopied for your child or you can cover up the answers on the right as your child works.

We supplement this program with Daily Grams: Grade 4.  Daily Grams helps my son practice what he learns in the textbook each day to reinforce the concepts.


4th grade Math homeschool curriculum

Singapore Primary Mathematics

We decided to go with Singapore math not only because it has great reviews, but also because their curriculum aligns with the Common Core standards.

Our family is not sure how long we will be homeschooling so if we ever do put our son back in public school, I don’t want him to feel like a fish out of water.

So far, we are liking Singapore math.  It explains the concepts easily, and makes it easy for me to teach to him (this common core stuff isn’t a joke!)

Supplemented with:

Life of Fred Intermediate Series 3-Book Set : Kidneys, Liver, and Mineshaft

We have heard a lot of good things about the Life of Fred series. I figured this would be a good choice to add to keep my son interested in learning new math concepts in a fun way.

These books are written as chapter books with an interesting story to keep your child’s attention.  As they read the fun stories, they solve math problems.


4th grade Handwriting homeschool curriculum

Handwriting Without Tears Grade 4

We learned cursive last year but this book helps to reinforce it as well as improve his handwriting.

4th grade science homeschool curriculum

Apologia Astronomy (Exploring Creation)


We did not have a set curriculum choice that we loved for science and have decided to give Apologia a try this year.

They have several different choices that you can use including botany, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and human anatomy and physiology. We decided to start with Astronomy this year.

They also have a notebooking journal that you may purchase with it, as well as a lab kit.

So far we are loving this program and how easy it is to incorporate into our day.  This curriculum is a Christian-based program for science.


4th grade homeschool curriculum for History

Tapestry of Grace: Year 4

My sister has been using this with her daughter who is the same age as my son and has raved about it. We didn’t have a curriculum for history that we fell in love with yet, so we have decided to give it a go.

It is a Christian based curriculum and Year 4 starts with the 1900’s and continues to the present day.


4th grade reading list

Every year I put together a reading list for my son to finish by the end of the school year.

As he reads each book, I will give him chapter quizzes to test him on his reading comprehension, as well as activities, writing assignments, or projects based on the book.  Then we finish the book with a final exam on the story.

I’m a fan of classics, so a lot of the stories I choose tend to be the stories I read when I was in school.


The Phantom Tollbooth

Milo is always bored until one day a tollbooth arrives in his room out of nowhere.  He decides to explore, learning that life is much more interesting than he thought.  This is a classic read!


Sideway Stories from Wayside School

This book is filled with silly humor and focuses on a class that is on the 30th floor of Wayside School.


From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

In this book, Claudia and her brother decide to run away.  They choose to go live in a museum, and while they are there, they get involved in solving a mystery.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

You can never go wrong with Harry Potter and a world of magic and mystery.  We plan on watching the movie after we finish reading the book.


Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters.: A Homeschooler’s Interactive Guide to Discovering Your True Identity 

The last book on our 4th grade reading list is a special book for homeschoolers from Tim Tebow.  Tim Tebow is well known for his football career, but did you know that he is a Christian and that he was homeschooled up until college?

Update: We read this book out loud together and then at the end of each chapter, my son had to answer a few questions in the book.  I highly recommend this book for all homeschoolers (*those that don’t mind a book with a Christian perspective!)


4th grade homeschool curriculum choices: Extracurriculars and Electives

These were our choices for our electives this year:

Typing: We use the free program at Typing.com for short lessons that teach students which fingers go on which keys, and teaches them slowly how to type correctly.

Spanish: My son is taking online Spanish classes with Kids’ Club Spanish School.  The classes are bit expensive at $20 for each lesson.

Each class is fully immersive (they only speak in Spanish), and one-on-one with the instructor.  It is filled with singing, and plenty of TPR so that my son understands what he is learning and speaking.  We love the teachers over there!


Opportunities for Socialization

As homeschoolers, it is really important to put your children in activities and co-ops so that they can interact with their peers.  There are so many different ways for your children to socialize with other kids without attending a public school (don’t let others fool you! You absolutely can socialize your homeschooler without attending a public school setting!)

We attend church every Sunday. We go to events at the library for homeschoolers. My oldest son attends cub scouts, and my youngest son plays soccer.

4th grade homeschool year

We also chose to join a co-op this year.  Co-ops are groups for homeschool students that typically meet once a week. 

They can have academic or non-academic (fun) classes for the kids to participate in so that they can make friends.  It is run by the parents and most of the groups do require parents to stay on campus with their children, as well as volunteer in some capacity in order to keep things running smoothly.

This year we decided to join Classical Conversations. 

Classical Conversations is a Christian-based program for students from Kindergarten through high school.

For 4th grade homeschoolers, they attend the Foundations program which takes place one day a week from 9am-12pm.  They are in a group with other 4th graders of the same gender.

They learn a mix of music, art, history, language arts, latin, science, and more.

We really have been enjoying this program.

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Well that’s a wrap on our school year.  Have you tried any of the above 4th grade homeschool curriculum choices?  What do you use?  What’s your favorite program?


4th grade homeschool curriculum choices

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